Werkzaamheden hunebed Albersdorf

Author: Hauke Dibbern

Experiences and Experiments on traditional Skills and Handicrafts in Archaeological Open Air Museums in Europe.

Albersdorfer Forschungen zur Archäologie und Umweltgeschichte Band 5

Edited by Rudiger Kelm

Published in Husum, 2015

In this contribution results from excavations at three archaeological sites in and around Albersdorf will be presented, which were conducted in the framework of the DFG-Priority Programme “Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation – On the origin and development of Neolithic large-scale buildings and the emergence of early complex societies in Northern Central Europe” within the last five years. The investigations shed, in part, new light on the ritual world of Neolithic societies, the developmental history of the monuments and changes in human interactions with them from the Early Neolithic until “Dagger times”.

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