Turn left off the road from Anloo to Anderen, just before the small fen called Gagelveen, and follow a sandy path until you reach a barrier blocking your way. A 10-minute walk brings you to an open place in the woods and a splendid hunebed. Four lintels rest neatly on top of ten side- and two keystones. Sadly the fifth lintel on the westernmost side is missing. There is still one portal stone (gatepost). Van Giffen checked the location of the second using a plumb line.

The tomb stands in a very peaceful spot; you will usually find yourself alone with the hunebed; if you meet anyone they will be cyclists, horse-riders or walkers.

Because of its remote location, this hunebed is rarely visited by tourists. And yet it has much to recommend it. Walk a little further into this wood and you will come to the Pinetum Ter Borgh, an area of about 2.2 hectares which has been laid out as a collection of conifers. This is a specialist arboretum which contains about 500 species of conifers, mainly non-native and cultivated.

Map D11. Made by Hans Meijer

The famous Professor Van Giffen visited the hunebed in 1918. Apart from one of the original lintels, Van Giffen judged this hunebed to be complete and “in a very good state”. Remains of the original covering mound could still clearly be seen. In 1871 the Province of Drenthe acquired ownership of the hunebed as a gift.

(Source: Atlas of “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, Dr.A.E.van Giffen, 1925)

Source A.E. van Giffen, De hunebedden in Nederland, Utrecht 1925-1927, fig. D11

For more information about this and other hunebeds in Drenthe see http://www.hunebedden.nl/frntpage.htm .

Also (in Dutch only) at www.hunebeddeninfo.nl

Photography: Davado

Text: Hans Meijer

Translation Alun Harvey


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