Westervelde lies in the ancient forest of Norgerholt, two kilometres south of the village of Norg. D2 is a small hunebed which originally had 4 lintels, two of which have been replaced on their supporting uprights. Part of the third lintel lies inside the chamber and the fourth is missing. Two sidestones from the portal also remain in place. The 8 sidestones and 2 keystones are complete. The hunebed stands in a peaceful spot on private land between fields and can easily be reached from the nearby road.

Location of D2

Location of D2 at Westerveld. Map by Hans Meijer

Visit of Professor van Giffen in 1918

“In a very damaged state” reported van Giffen in 1925. The 2 lintels still present had fallen down. In the tomb he found a fragment of a missing lintel with holes for explosives with which the stone had been split. The hunebed was presented to the Province by a private owner in 1871.

(Source: Atlas of “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, dr.A.E.van Giffen)

Hunebed D2 at Westervelde (near Norg). Source: Atlas bij “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, dr.A.E.van Giffen

For more information about this and other hunebeds in Drenthe see
www.hunebedden.nl and www.hunebeddeninfo.nl

Text Hans Meijer
Translation Alun Harvey
Photos Davado and Hans Meijer

D2 Foto Davado
D2 Foto Davado

Hunebed D2 on an old postcard


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