D10 stands to the right of the road between Gasteren and Oude Molen in the Gasterse Duinen (dunes), an area managed by the Drentse Landscape Foundation. There is a large parking area. The hunebed is reached by crossing the cattle grid into the beautiful area of sand dunes, woodland and heathland. This is a very open walking area crossed by several paths and the surrounding fences are to protect the flock of sheep which graze here.

D10 Gasteren. Photo by Hans Meijer

D10 is a small and incomplete hunebed: 7 side stones and 2 keystones, on which 4 lintels would probably originally have rested. Only 2 of them remain.

Location of D10 Gasteren

D10 Gasterse Duinen. Map by Hans Meijer

Visit of Professor van Giffen in 1918

The meagre remains of a hunebed in a desolate landscape with a small farmhouse in the distance. There is nothing else to see in this photo. And yet it has a kind of sinister beauty. The Gasterse Duinen have changed very little today; just add a few misshapen pine trees and woodland and it would look the same! “Very damaged” said Van Giffen of the hunebed, which he called D10. He found it almost impossible to imagine the original condition of the chamber.D10. (Source: Atlas of “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, dr.A.E.van Giffen)

(Source: Atlas of “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, dr.A.E.van Giffen)

For more information about this and other hunebeds in Drenthe see
www.hunebedden.nl and www.hunebeddeninfo.nl

D10. Photo Davado


Text Hans Meijer
Translation Alun Harvey
Photos Hans Meijer and Davado


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