This is a small hunebed, but undamaged and with almost everything in its right place: three lintels, six sidestones and two keystones. This well-preserved ancient monument stands alongside the busy road between Zeegse and Tynaarlo. The Intercity trains from Assen to Groningen race past scarcely a hundred metres away. Van Giffen was convinced that there must have been another four hunebeds in the immediate vicinity. Excavations uncovered a wealth of flints, axes, arrowheads, pottery shards, amber necklaces etc.
There is nowhere to park, only a wooden bench and a litter bin. In front stands the stone bearing the nameplate, which was recently removed presumably by collectors.

Old Schoolplate based on a painting of Bernard Bueninck. It shows the hunebed in the old days, without trees and a lot of heather.
hunebed, painted in 1861
This painting , the hunebed at Tynaarloo, is painted in 1861 by Willem Roelofs

Location of hunebed D6

Hunebed D6 Tynaarlo. Map by Hans Meijer

Visit of Professor van Giffen in 1918

“This hunebed is in an excellent condition; only one lintel is missing” said Prof. dr A.E. van Giffen in describing the hunebed which he christened D6. And rightly so. Indeed it is a miracle that this hunebed has remained so untouched by the ravages of time. It was purchased by the State from the Tynaarlo authorities in 1880, by which time all hunebeds (except D44) were owned either by the State or the Province. “It is perhaps unfortunate that it stands so prominently in the foreground” wrote van Giffen in his book, although he did not explain the reason for his displeasure.
(Source: Atlas of “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, dr.A.E.van Giffen, 1925)

Hunebed D6. Source: Atlas bij “De Hunebedden in Nederland”, dr.A.E.van Giffen, 1925

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Photo gallery by Davado

D6 on old postcards


Text Hans Meijer
Translation Alun Harvey


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