A long time ago I saw some lovely photos of monuments similar to hunebeds on the Italian island of Sardinia, and ever since I have wanted to visit Sardinia. My wife and I have now spent a week there at a hotel in Castelsardo, a beautiful place with a medieval castle. A hire car is essential to get to know the island and in particular to visit the megalithic monuments which are not easy to get to.

Sardinia is a large island and it is impossible to see everything in one week, so we decided to concentrate on the northern part. Even then you have to make a choice which of the enormous number of monuments to visit. Our first choice was the area north of Olbia, close to Li Lolghi and Coddu Vecchiu, site of the hunebed-like monuments which I had seen on the photos all those years ago.

Map of Sardinia, the red dot marks the Tomba di Giganti.

In Sardinia these monuments are known as the “Tomba di Giganti’. They were built during the Bronze Age by the Bonnanaro Culture (2,200-1,600 BC) which makes them a bit younger than the hunebeds.

Below are photographs of our journey to the Tombi di Giganti.

Not far from Li Lolghi lies Coddu Vecchiu, site of more magnificent monuments including one Tomba di Giganti.



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