In dit artikel geven we een aantal voorbeeldopdrachten wat leerlingen zouden kunnen uitzoeken in het museum. Door de opdrachten in het Engels te formuleren wordt de woordenschat uitgebreid.

Task 1. Discoveries, inventions and innovations

Discover: The student will discover how prehistoric people lived. They will use archeological evidence and data to get to this answer.

Question: How did the hunebed builders lived 5.000 years ago and what did they do?

Task: Gather 10 inventions by the hunebed builders (or people before) and fill in the form below.

Invention Importance in % Draw it here

Task 2. Most important invention

Task: Explain which invention you find most important, see table above. Give three reasons.

Wiebe de Jager / Dronewatch foto

Task 3. Discover the oldest and biggest monuments of the Netherland

Discover: Discover how the monument is built.

Question: How did the hunebed builders built this giant monument and why did they?

Task 3-1: Answer the question which building materials were used?

Task 3-2: Answer the question how did they built the monument?

Task 3-3: Answer the question why did they built the monument?

Task 3-4: Answer the question in which period the hunebeds were built? Use the table below.

Period Dates
Old Stone Age Up to – 8.000 BC
Middle Stone Age 8.000 BC – 5300 BC
New Stone Age 5300 BC – 2000 BC
Bronze Age 2000 BC – 800 BC
Iron Age 800 BC – 50 BC
Roman Period 50 BC – 500 AD
Medieval Period 500 – 1500 AD

Task 4. Hunter-gatherers or farmers?

Discover: During prehistoric times humans were hunter-gatherers longer than famers. At the end of prehistory hunter-gatherers changed their way of living and became farmers.

Question: Were the hunebedbuilders hunter-gatherers or farmers? Or were they both?

Task 4. Answer the question were the hunebedbuilders hunter-gatherers or farmers? Explain your answer with archaeological evidence.

Task 5. Stone age diet of Paleo Diet?

Discover: What was on the menu during the Stone Age? What is Paleo Diet?

Question: What was the menu of a hunebed builder during the day?

Task 4. Answer the question what was the menu of a hunebed builder during the day? Make a menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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