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On 31 October the permanent exhibition about the hunebed builders in the Hunebed Centre in Borger closes its doors. Then work will start immediately to build an entirely new exhibition which is scheduled to open at Christmas. In the meantime the museum will not close completely. During November and December there will be a temporary exhibition about D27, the largest hunebed in the Netherlands, sometimes called the Rembrandt of prehistory. In addition visitors can still see the open-air Oertijdpark (Prehistoric Park) in the outside area, and an exhibition about the Hondsrug Geopark. During this period visitors can benefit from a reduced admission fee of 50% of the normal entry price. And of course the museum café and the shop will remain open without charge.

New exhibition about the hunebed builders opens at Christmas

The new exhibition about the hunebed builders, which will open at Christmas, will be completely different to the present one. A totally new design has been chosen to reflect new insights, new social perceptions, technological developments and more. Even drone technology will play its part. In 2019, Marketing Drenthe takes as its central theme ‘Drenthe as the oldest province in the Netherlands’, and we hope that the new display in the Hunebed Centre will contribute to this by conjuring up the prehistoric atmosphere of the ancient province.

Temporary exhibition about the Rembrandt of prehistory, D27

In the meantime visitors can see a new exhibition about D27. There has never been an exhibition about the largest hunebed in the Netherlands. Strange, when you consider that D27 in Borger is one of the most visited hunebeds in Drenthe.  Did you know, for example, that D27 has never been excavated? That many members of the royal family have visited the hunebed? Or that a scan of the interior revealed strange structures? And there are many more stories about this unusual hunebed. The exhibition is open from 1 November until the end of December.

Drone technology shows the locations of hunebeds in Drenthe. Photo Omnidrones Eelde
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Harrie Wolters is algemeen directeur van het Hunebedcentrum.


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