Come and see the exciting new exhibition in the Hunebed Centre!


The new exhibition in the Hunebed Centre is now open

After more than a year of hard work, the Hunebed Centre in Borger now has a completely new permanent exhibition about the hunebed builders and the tombs they built around 5,000 years ago. The previous exhibition has been replaced by a more open display which makes greater use of visual images and new technology.

Harrie Wolters, director of the Hunebed Centre, explains: “This new exhibition enables us to tell the story of the hunebed builders in a new way, incorporating the most recent archaeological findings. Investing in new technology such as digital games and quizzes makes the museum more interactive and enables visitors to share in the experience for themselves.”


Inside the museum visitors stand face to face with the people of the Funnel Beaker Culture who lived here around 5,000 years ago. Their daily existence is brought to life through dioramas of typical scenes and displays of pottery and other artefacts found inside their ancient tombs. Visitors can even walk inside a reconstruction of a hunebed, and the whole exhibition is surrounded by a panoramic photo wall. Interactive games and quizzes test visitors’ knowledge and reveal more facts about these prehistoric people. Younger visitors can even build their own digital hunebed.

D27, the largest hunebed in the Netherlands

Outside the museum stands the largest hunebed in the Netherlands, almost 23 metres long. Visitors can stroll through the open-air Prehistoric Park (Oertijdpark) where 150,000 years of history comes to life, from a reindeer hunters’ hut to an Iron Age farmhouse. The largest Boulder Garden in the Netherlands contains thousands of rocks, large and small, brought here by glaciers 150,000 years ago.

Iron Age farmhouse in the Prehistoric Park

The Hunebed Centre is also home to an exhibition about the Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark. This shows how the landscape of the Hondsrug region was formed during the ice ages and how it was later adapted by man. A brand new exhibition about geoparks and the Hondsrug region will open here shortly.

The Boulder Garden at the Hunebed Centre

All in all, the Hunebed Centre in Borger offers a great day out for both young and old. It is also an excellent starting point for visiting the 54 hunebeds which still stand in Drenthe and Groningen today. Why not come and see for yourself!!


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