India’s stonehenge


In Wilong Khullen, in the state of Manipur in Northwest India, stands a megalithic complex of standing stones. Although unknown to most people, it looks similar to the very famous Stonehenge in Southern England.

Map of Wilong Khullen. Google Maps
Boychou [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

This mysterious prehistoric complex, hidden away in the mountains of North Manipur, has yet to be explored by archaeologists. There are about 150 large stones in total, most of them measuring around 7 metres high. Many questions remain to be answered, such as:

Where did they come from?                        

Why were they brought here?

How were they transported?                                   

Who erected and arranged them here?

When were they erected?

Text                Harrie Wolters

Translation      Alun Harvey


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