Klekkenden Hoj, a restored passage grave on Mon Island in Denmark

Klekkende Hoj

The passage grave of Klekkenden Hoj on the island of Mon was built during the New Stone Age between 5500 and 4800 years ago. It lies not far from the road between Tostenæs and Røddinge and is one of the best restored tombs on the island. The tomb is unusual in having two entrances which run in an eastern direction parallel to each other. Inside the mound is a central space (orientated north-south) which is divided in the middle by two large stones. Each of the two passages in the grave leads to one of the two halves of the central space. Entering the mound means crouching down and crawling for seven metres along a hard floor.

Klekkende Hoj en.wikipedia.org, Sandpiper

Location of Klekkende Hoj on the island of Mon

klekkende hoj


The tomb was excavated in 1797 by the governor of the island Antoine de Bosc de la Calmette. Fifteen men worked for a week to open the tomb, first removing a number of capstones. They found a large quantity of human bones, flint artefacts, pottery and amber jewellery, which can now be seen in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. After excavation the tomb was sealed.

One of the entrances to the central space. Photo en.wikipedia.org/ Sandpiper


In 1987 the south chamber was restored to make it safe. The other chamber was restored in 2002 and electric light was installed to make access easier and safer for visitors. In August 2013 it was again restored and officially opened by the Danish Minister of Culture, a representative of the European Union and the head of the European organisation ‘Megalithic Routes’.

In August 2013 a new restauration took place. It was officialy opened by the Ministry of Culture of Denmark. 
The official opening in 2013
New information boards at Klekkendehoj

Text              Harrie Wolters

Translation     Alun Harvey


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