Almendres, the Portuguese Stonehenge

Steencirkel van almendres

Almendres, not far from Evora, is one of the finest megalithic sites in Portugal. The megalithic stone circle is the largest on the Iberian peninsula and one of the oldest in the world. The monument is probably more than 7,000 years old, build during the transition from a hunter-gatherer culture to an agricultural culture. It was only discovered in 1966.

The monument consists now of around 100 upright stones. There are signs that it has changed over the centuries (stones have been removed and new ones added). The site is easy to find by following the clear sign-posting from the small village of Nossa Senhora de Guadelupe.

Close to the stone circle stands the menhir of Almendres. This is clearly marked with signboards.

Map of Evora and surroundings. The megalithic monuments are shown to the left of the town. Google Maps
The stone circle of Almendres
The new information centre and shop at the stone circle were opened in the spring of 2019. The walls are made from cork.
Next to the information centre stand a number of boards. The monument itself is a few kilometres away from the information centre..
Explanation of how the monument was built.
Almendres stone circle
Almendres stone circle
Some of the inscriptions on the stones can only vaguely be seen.
Almendres stone circle
Stones covered with lichen
The sign-posting
The menhir of Almendres
Information about one of the inscriptions on the stones


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