Remarkable megalithic remains in Myrhøj, Denmark


In the north of Denmark, not far from Ertebolle, lies one of the strangest Branze Age structures in the country. A straight line, marked out with boulders like small menhirs, runs southeast from the edge of a burial mound.

The 64 stones stand in a row measuring 156 metres. One bears five cupmarks (small hollows in the stone). The stone at the edge of the burial mound in line with the row has 54 cupmarks. Halfway along the row is a stone grave which dates from the Iron Age, approximately 500 years after the Bronze Age. That shows that the monument has been in use for a very long time.

The site is a mystery. Such a row of stones next to a burial mound is rare in Denmark. The meaning and significance of the stones, whether for the living or the dead, is not known. Perhaps they were placed to mark sunrise or sunset at a patricular time of the year.

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Edge of the burial mound

Photos Jan Tingen en Janneke Geerts


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