Mythical Stones – Les Pierres Plates

Les Pierres Plates

Mythische Stenen (Mythical Stones) is a series of prehistoric discovery guidebooks, written by Hendrik Gommer, describing megaliths in many European countries. This article is taken from the 11th volume which covers Brittany.

‘Les Pierres Plates***** originally consisted of 70 stones, 50 of which still remain, forming a single monument 26 metres long. It was once surrounded by a cairn. The 20 metre long passage opens out into a chamber and also has one side chamber. There is a model of the hunebed in the museum in Carnac. The upright stones bear a number of inscriptions, including a variety of schematic images of the ‘Great Mother’. A menhir stands by the entrance.

Brittany is a mecca for hunebed lovers. The splendid monuments to be found in the area around the small port town of Locmariaquer are unequalled in Northern Europe.

Les Pierres Plates lie on the Route de Kerhere, Locmariaquer, right by the sea. There is parking nearby.

Les Pierres Plates is even more impressive than La Table des Marchands, if that is possible! The support stones are covered in inscriptions, making you think that you have wandered into the magic world of the Stone Age. It is just like a fairy tale grotto! Most visitors, hiking past or camping nearby, see it rather differently, preferring to take selfies by the entrance. A few walk a short distance into the entrance passage and then come out again. Parents forbid their children to enter, which in itself is good because it prevents any damage, but at the same time these visitors are totally missing the beauty of this wonder of the ancient world.

Mythische Stenen – the books

Each volume in the series offers a new perspective on a specific area of Europe and its ancient monuments, seen through the eyes of our prehistoric ancestors. Each book contains hundreds of colour photos. Apart from the first two titles, the books are only available in Dutch.

The twelve titles currently available are The Netherlands*, Germany (Lower Saxony **, Schleswig-Holstein, Jutland, Funen and Seeland, Mecklenburg-Voorpommern, Middle Germany), Sweden and Norway, Poland and Bornholm, Northern France and the Channel Islands, Brittany and England and Wales. The books can be purchased in the shop at the Hunebed Centre or ordered via the website

*     Published in Dutch and English.

**   Available in Dutch and German.

The 11th volume in the series covers Brittany

Text and photos Hendrik Gommer

Translation Alun Harvey


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