Mythische Stenen (Mythical Stones) is a series of prehistoric discovery guidebooks, written by Hendrik Gommer, describing megaliths in many European countries. This article is taken from the 6th volume which covers the German states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is home to many important monuments in places such as Wismar, Rostock and the island of Rügen. Further south near the Polish border lies the prehistoric cemetery of Wollschow. The woods here are full of ancient tombs and other monuments including the site of an Iron Age settlement. A model of the settlement can be seen in the museum in Warsaw.

The Wollschow Necropolis (Gräberfeld in German) lies in the middle of the woods and consists of about 40 stone cists. Most of them are in a fairly decrepit state. The long barrow (number 1) is in the best condition. It is a trapezoid with a very small stone cist on its shortest side. Further on is number 2, a stone cist without a capstone. Then you come to numbers 3, 4 and 5, stone cists which must certainly have originally formed a single tomb. Similar monuments can often be found in Denmark. Number 14 is a stone cist with a broken capstone. The monument has been given the nickname of Walfischgrab or Whale Tomb.

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To reach the Necropolis you take the sandy path to the left at Wollschow 30. Park at the side of the road after 1.8 km. By Wollschowgrab 30 walk about 650 metres along the path.

Mythische Stenen – the books

Each volume in the series offers a new perspective on a specific area of Europe and its ancient monuments, seen through the eyes of our prehistoric ancestors. Each book contains hundreds of colour photos. Apart from the first two titles, the books are only available in Dutch.

The twelve titles currently available are The Netherlands*, Germany (Lower Saxony **, Schleswig-Holstein, Jutland, Funen and Seeland, Mecklenburg-Voorpommern, Middle Germany), Sweden and Norway, Poland and Bornholm, Northern France and the Channel Islands, Brittany and England and Wales. The books can be purchased in the shop at the Hunebed Centre or ordered via the website

*     Published in Dutch and English.

**   Available in Dutch and German.

Hendrik Gommer, author Mythische Stenen

Translation: Alun Harvey


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