Tavole dei Paladini

In Puglia, the southernmost region of Italy, there are five dolmens which were not discovered until the twentieth century. One of these dolmens is Tavole dei Paladini, which lies a few kilometres to the south of Trani on the Adriatic coast. Other dolmens in the region are those of ChiancaAlbarosaFrisari and San Silvestri.

This dolmen is an unusual example. Inside the chamber is a limestone floor in which two large holes have been made. It was in these holes that the dead could be buried. Unfortunately very little of the entrance survives but, with a little imagination, you can see the long passage from what remains of it. The capstone on the chamber is well preserved. The original mound covering the monument has completely disappeared.

Dolmen dei Paladini. Foto G. Pavat 2017. http://www.ilpuntosulmistero.it/un-sito-megalitico-da-rivalorizzare-il-dolmen-dei-paladini-a-corato-ba/

Text                 Harrie Wolters

Translation     Alun Harvey

Vorig artikelThe Dolmen of La Chianca in Puglia, Italy
Volgend artikelThe Dolmen of Albarosa in Puglia, Italy
Harrie Wolters is algemeen directeur van het Hunebedcentrum.


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