Hunebeds from the air

hunebedden en drones

With the drone images on this new website you can now view all of the hunebeds in Drenthe from the air. The project was developed in a six-month co-operative venture between the Hunebed Centre and the Dronehub, based at Groningen Airport in Eelde.

To get started, visit the website at The simple instructions are available in Dutch, German and English. Click on the map to select the hunebed you would like to visit and navigate straight to it. This gives you an aerial view of the hunebed and the surrounding area which can be rotated through 360 degrees. Clicking on the yellow star allows you to switch between the aerial view and a ground-level image which can also be rotated through 360 degrees.

Many of the aerial images also provide excellent far-reaching views of the beautiful Drenthe landscape and its wide open unspoiled countryside.

To view the images:

To learn more about Dronehub: (Dutch only)

Text Harrie Wolters

Translation Alun Harvey


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