Dolmen des Pierres Folles du Plessis

The Dolmen des Pierres Folles du Plessis (also known as Pierres folles de Fontenelles or Pierres Folles au Bernard) stands on a picnic spot just to the south of the D 949 road, northeast of Le Bernard  in the  Vendée departement of France. In France the word ‘dolmen’ is the generic term for neolithic megalithic monuments.

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The chamber, which is orientated west-east was probably about 5 metres long by two metres wide. The eastern end has been destroyed. What remains is a keystone four to three metres high, which lies in the chamber on the western side.

The mass of loose stones lying around on the eastern end appear to have been broken recently, as shown by the new fracture lines and drillholes.

Two nearby menhirs (the Menhirs du Plessis ) stand to the north of the Dolmen des Pierres Folles du Plessis and to the south of the Dolmen de l’Echafaud du Plessis. Together, the “Menhirs du Plessis” form a triangle of large menhirs, each one 100 metres from the others. Two have been preserved after the third to the east was detroyed in 1860. The northern stone is 7.5 metres long and was replaced in its upright position in 1977 after it fell over. The southern stone is about 4 metres high and made of granite. The Dolmen de la Cour du Breuil (also called “Pierre levée”) lies to the south of Le Bernard. There are a number of other interesting dolmens in the area, such as  Frebouchere or La Cour du Breuil and Sulette.  

Menhir du Plessis. Foto Von Alf van Beem – Wikicommons
Menhir du Plessis. Foto Von Alf van Beem – Wikicommons

Text                 Harrie Wolters

Translation     Alun Harvey

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