New prehistoric monument found at Antequera in Spain

The new monument was discovered close to Antequera in Southern Spain

The ancient city of Antequera, in Andalusia in Southern Spain, is surrounded by many spectacular prehistoric monuments. Best known is Menga, probably the largest ‘hunebed’ in Europe. It is easy to understand why this whole area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2016.

The dolmen of Menga, probably the largest ‘hunebed’ in Europe. The new site was found not far away.

During September 2020 a new and remarkable monument was found in a nearby location which is still secret. This is because the monument is of a completely new type and the authorities are concerned that the site may be plundered or otherwise disturbed. Clearly it must be another spectacular discovery.

According to Prof. Leonardo Garcia Sanjuan of the University of Seville, the structure is a holy place dating from before the time of the Menga complex. Further research is currently being carried out which, it is hoped, will reveal more information about the monument and about the reasons why Menga itself was built.

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Text                      Harrie Wolters

Translation         Alun Harvey


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