Dolmens and drones – hunebeds from the air


Thanks to new technology, you can now take a virtual tour of all 52 hunebeds in Drenthe without leaving home. Drone-mounted cameras allow you not only to view these monuments at ground level, but also to see them from the air in relation to the surrounding landscape.

The website has been developed as a joint project with Dronehub GAE, based at Groningen Airport Eelde. The starting point on the website is a map of all existing hunebeds, with simple instructions in English, Dutch and German.

Selecting a hunebed number takes you to an aerial view with a 360-degree panorama of the hunebed location and the surrounding landscape, with views into the far distance in all directions. This helps the viewer to put the hunebed and its location into a geographical context.

Clicking on the yellow star takes you down to ground level and another 360-degree tour of the hunebed itself and its immediate surroundings. The arrow at top left takes you back to the overview map (overzicht).

It’s simple! So why not start your tour now at


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