D15. Foto Hans Meijer

Megalithic structures can be found all over the world, but what sort can you find in the Netherlands? In this English-language video Alun Harvey introduces you to the Dutch Dolmens. 

This video has been made in connection with the European Day of Megalithic Culture. The event is organised every year by Megalithic Routes on the last Sunday in April. Since 2013 members in many countries have contributed to the event through activities on a relevant theme. This film from the Hunebed Centre is designed as an introduction for people outside the Netherlands. Far away, but in this Corona time, perhaps brought closer together by this digital initiative.

This initiative was made possible by grant support provided by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) 

Vorig artikelEen geologische audiowandeling
Volgend artikelEnkele megalithische graven ten westen van Saumur, Maine et Loire, Frankrijk


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