Mythic Stones –Lo Morrel dos Fadas

Lo Morrel dos Fadas (Foto: Hendrik Gommer)

Mythische Stenen (Mythical Stones) is a series of prehistoric discovery guidebooks (in Dutch), written by Hendrik Gommer, describing megaliths in many European countries. This article is taken from the 16th volume which covers South Eastern France and Switzerland.

The finest hunebeds in Southern France were built during the time of the Veraza culture. ‘Lo Morrel dos Fadas’ (Hill of the Fairies) was built around 3500 BC by this culture and restored in 1998. The dolmen consists of a 24 metre long megalithic gallery in a hill about 35 metres long, which makes it the longest hunebed in Southern France.

This stunning structure stands amongst pine trees and the mountain breeze provides a pleasant climate. The site radiates power. But despite all this the everyday tourist will have difficulty finding it as it is barely signposted.  The approach via the ‘allée couverte’ is 12 metres long and built partly of piled up stones. The ‘lobby’ is 6 metres long and still has one capstone. The divisions between the passage and the lobby, and from the lobby to the end chamber, both have a round hole in the wall, a so-called ‘soul hole’. The red and grey sandstone comes from nearby, but the capstone – weighing 25 tons – was brought from over two kilometres away.

Lo Morrel dos Fadas (Foto: Hendrik Gommer)

The finds are stored in a depot. A copper dagger is on display in the Olonzac museum and was probably made from local copper deposits mined between 3400 and 2900 BC.

Allée Couverte dite du Bois Couturier (Foto: Hendrik Gommer)

The monument, and in particular the ‘soul hole’, are closely related to the allées couvertes in the north of France (see vols. 10 and 11) and other gallery graves, such as those found in southwest Germany (vol. 9). And this despite a distance of 1000 kilometres and a timescale of 1000 years between them …

Location : On the D168 from Siran after 1.5 km, parking on the right. Walk up the hill on the unpaved track for 200 metres.

More information about the books see

Lo Morrel dos Fadas (Foto: Hendrik Gommer)

Text                 Hendrik Gommer

Translation     Alun Harvey


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