New Stonehenge exhibition in London


Stonehenge is one of the world’s best-known prehistoric monument and yet it has never been the focus of a major exhibition in London’s British Museum. But now the first ever exhibition – titled The World of Stonehenge – will be open to visitors from February to July 2022.

The exhibition tells the story of Britain and Europe from 4000 to 1000 BC and will examine the myths and legends surrounding the site on Salisbury Plain. Visitors will also learn more about the latest archaeological thinking regarding the circle’s purpose and about the people who created it. A variety of fascinating objects will be on display, telling the human story behind the stone circle. These include stone axes from the Italian Alps, stunning gold jewellery and the astonishing Nebra Sky Disc, the oldest known map of the stars (see Nebra-sky-disc/ on this site).

One of the main purposes of the exhibition will be to dispel the idea that the people who built Stonehenge existed in an isolated and primitive society. Covering Britain and Europe, the exhibition will place prehistoric life in an international context, explaining the significance of trading routes and cross-Channel contact.

Also on display will be a remarkably preserved 4,000 year old timber circle dubbed Seahenge (

The exhibition will be open from 17 February to 17 July 2022. For more details see the British Museum website

You can learn more about Stonehenge on the British Museum blog website in an article written by the exhibition curator Jennifer Wexler. See Introduction to Stonehenge

NB: At the time of writing (end January 2022) almost all Covid restrictions have been removed in Britain, making travel much easier and safer.

Text       Alun Harvey


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