New Stone Age Museum in Albersdorf, Schleswig Holstein

Steinzeithaus, Albersdorf

A new museum is planned in Albersdorf next to the existing open air museum, ‘the Steentijdpark Dithmarschen’ (Stone Age Park). The “Stone Age House”, a museum and exhibition building, will be a major addition to the existing 40 hectare attraction.

The “Steentijdhuis” is planned to be a combination of learning and experience, a place to display and explain actual archaeological objects and to act as a scientific research facility. It is hoped that the new building will develop further as a popular leisure attraction for local people, visitors and tourists. The architecture is designed to awaken visitors’ curiosity and reflect the unique character of the site. The building will be designed by architect Hauke Mengel (architectenbureau Hansen & Mengel, Rendsburg), who was selected following a European competition.

The over-arching theme of the exhibition  is “Man and Environment”. These related aspects will be presented in a chronological display, placing them in context from the Paleolithicum up to the early Metal Ages. The exhibition shows how people’s lives were defined by their communities, their work and the influence of changing natural surroundings. Special attention will be paid to the innovations of each individual age. It must be emphasised that the exhibition inside the new museum will feature original finds and artefacts, bearing in mind that identical replicas and educational resources can already be seen in the outside area of the Steentijdpark. The use of modern technology and digital media will be limited and only used in appropriate places in the exhibition.

The opening is planned for the spring of 2023.

More information in English can be found here.

Illustrations (source Hansen Mengel Architecten, Rendsburg)

“Stone Age House – interior”,

Translation                 Alun Harvey


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