Aleria, the Roman capital city of Corsica

Aleria, Corsica

Since 1990 the ancient archaeological site of Aleria, on the east coast of Corsica, has been classified as a historic monument.

The site was first described by Prosper Merimee after his journey to Corsica in 1840, when he wrote that the remains included walls and the western arch. The rest was still buried under layers of sediment. The very first excavation began in 1955 and gradually revealed finds such as the forum in 1958, the pre-Roman necropolis in 1960 etc. The excavations brought to light a complex history of the area: besides the Roman remains, traces were also found of earlier inhabitation by Greeks and even a prehistoric settlement.

Excavations continue to the present day and visitors can follow the timeline of the discoveries. The forum, a temple, the Capitol and a bathhouse can all be seen. The obects found on the site can be viewed in an attractive exhibition in the Genoan fort near the entrance to the site.

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The museum at Aleria is inside a 16th century fort, where tickets for the fort and the site can be purchased. Fort Matra was built by Genoans in 1572
View from the fort
Etruscan objects in the museum were found on the site
Etruscan finds. The vases show a Greek influence.
Beautifully designed golden ear-rings.
Roman glass
At the top of the fort

Text                 Harrie Wolters

Translation     Alun Harvey


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