The Hunebed Centre is one of the founders of the European Routes of Megalithic Culture, part of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. In fact, there is not one single route which joins together all megalithic sites in Europe, but a network of 48 routes linking monuments, museums, universities, tourist organisations, governments and individuals, all of which share the theme of megalithic monuments. The organisations are encouraged to co-operate with each other, for instance by sharing knowledge and experience, with the objective of protecting the monuments and enabling interested tourists to visit them.

The idea began in a small way among a few countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Since then many other countries have become members, such as Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Italy. Six new members are expected to join during 2023. The growth in the number of members is reflected in the increasing number of new routes. In the Netherlands alone, for instance, there are now 13 routes which cross at least part of the country. At a recent conference in Chania on the island of Crete ( 5-7 October 2022), organised by the Council of Europe, three new routes were added, bring the total across Europe to 48.

The routes which cross the Netherlands:

The Hansa

European Route of Megalithic Culture

Santiago de Compostela  Pilgrim Route

The Viking Route

Saint Martin of Tours Route

European Route of Cistercian Abbeys

European Cemeteries Route

European Route of Ceramics

European Route of Emperor Charles V

Impressionism Route

European Route of Industrial Heritage

Liberation Route Europe

European Route d’Artagnan

More information can be found on the website European Route of Megalithic Culture , including an overview of all current members. A total overview of all routes can be found here: 

Text                 Harrie Wolters

Translation     Alun Harvey

Conferentie Chania, Kreta van 5-7 oktober 2022
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Harrie Wolters is algemeen directeur van het Hunebedcentrum.


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