Stone Age Park near Albersdorf in Schleswig Holstein

Een huis uit de steentijd

Near the town of Albersdorf in Schleswig Holstein, northern Germany, lies the Stone Age Park of Dithmarschen. The open-air museum was opened in 2023 and tells the story of the Stone Age in this part of northern Germany. The main focus is on the people of the Funnel Beaker Culture, the hunebed builders, and behind the museum stand a number of hunebeds.

In the Summer months the site is a centre of living history, providing visitors with a tangible image of the lives of our prehistoric ancestors. The open-air part of the museum contains many replicas of houses, farmsteads and buildings dating from different periods during the Stone Age.

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The new museum building at the entrance to the site, opened in Spring 2023
The new exhibition about the Stone Age.
Open the drawers to reveal stories of the Stone Age
Outside stands a Bronze Age burial mound.
A reconstruction of a Bronze Age grave.
The site has many Stone Age reconstructions, including a hunebed
A Stone Age house
Living history brings the Stone Age to life
A hunebed builder’s house
A ritual site from the Middle Stone Age

Translation                  Alun Harvey


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