The Origin of Megalithic Cultures in Europe –  a new book

Foto: Megalieten

A new book by Hendrik Gommer, “The Origin of Megalithic Cultures in Europe” (November 2023), is a comprehensive study of hundreds of prehistoric megalithic monuments all over Europe. The author reveals the links between dozens of different cultures and thousands of years of migration during the Late Stone Age.  

Dr. Hendrik Gommer, with his wife Elsa Visser, has travelled all over Europe and published a series of 20 books called Mythical Stones, each one describing the megalithic monuments to be found in a particular country. Based on his travels and extensive accumulated knowledge, Dr Gommer now stands back and takes a holistic view of the pattern of ancient migratory routes across Europe and the links between Stone Age cultures in different parts of the continent.

From an evolutionary anthropological perspective, he offers fascinating and surprising insights into centuries-old questions about the significance of megalithic tombs, menhirs and stone circles. The answers also cast new light on modern-day issues.

Were megalithic tombs the precursors of our church buildings? This is one of the many questions to which answers can be found in this extensive volume. The large-format hardback book – which is available in English, Dutch and German – comprises 636 pages, richly illustrated with more than 1,500 full colour photographs, and weighs a little over 2.5 kilos. Not quite as heavy as a megalith, but still a very impressive achievement. 

This new book is an essential source for anyone who is curious about the deep-rooted mysteries of our ancient past and the history of mankind.

All editions of the book can be purchased online at and in the shop at the Hunebed Centre in Borger.

Photo: Pages. 346-347 Megaliths
Photo: Cover English edition
Photo: Cover German edition


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