Dolmen of La Pastora near Seville

Dolmen de La Pastora

The archaeological zone of Valencina lies close to the town of the same name, not far from Seville. Within this area of 400 hectares a variety of burial monuments have been found, together with traces of early settlements. These date from the Chalcolithic or Copper Age in the third millennium BC. Judging from the quantity and spread of megalithic structures in this area, Valencina must have been an important economic, social and ritual centre in its time.

Valencina has been known since the end of the 19th century and has been the subject of numerous archaeological excavations. Finds have included the floors of prehistoric huts, silo’s or storage pits, and the greatest collection of megalithic burial monuments on the Iberian Peninsula.

The largest of these monuments are the Domen of La Pastora and the nearby Dolmen Matarrubilla. Many others have disappeared under the town or ploughed up for agriculture.

The Dolmen de la Pastora was discovered in 1860. It consists of a passage 45 metres long with a relatively small circular chamber of 2.5 metres at the end. It is covered with a tumulus, like a burial mound. The right-angled passage is dug under the earth and lined with masonry made of loose rectangular stones. The monument is divided into four sections separated from each other by beams with lintels. The roof and lintels are made from large sandstone and granite orthostatic blocks and the floor is paved with a stone pavement. The chamber is made from sheets of slate with small stones between them, forming a false dome by joining the sheets together. The tumulus seems also to be a carefully planned construction with an internal ring structure made of small stones and earth and a maximum diameter of 85 metres. The orientation of the entrance at sunset is different to that of most Andalusian megaliths, here facing the sunrise.

In order to protect this enormous archaeological complex, the Junta de Andalucía registered the whole area in 2010 in the General Catalogue of Andalusian Historic Heritage as an Object of Cultural Importance.

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Translation: Alun Harvey

On the roundabout near the Dolmen of Pastora is an artwork in the form of a dolmen.
On a second roundabout is an enlarged find from the dolmen.
Map of all archaeological sites in the region
Entrance to the Dolmen van Pastora
First part of the entrance to the Dolmen van Pastora
The 45 metre entrance leading to a circular chamber
The chamber at the end of the passage
Special educational programmes areoffered to schoolchildren visiting the site
There are many burial mounds in the area. This is Montelirio
Photo of the area surrounding the Dolmen van Pastora – alas, there are no signs of burial mounds and archaeological remains. There must once have been many people living here.


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