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Harrie Wolters
Harrie Wolters is algemeen directeur van het Hunebedcentrum.

Sipan, burial place of Moche rulers

Between the first and eighth century AD the north of Peru, particularly the coastal area, was ruled by the Moche culture. This was long...

Evora in Portugal, a megalithic paradise

Evora, in the Portugese region of Alentejo, is home to an enormous number of megalithic monuments. There are more than 100 free-standing menhirs, over...

Dolmen de Chamvermeil in the Ardeche

There are many dolmens in the Ardeche region of southern France, most of them quite small and difficult to find. Fortunately there are a...

Dolmen des Baumes in the Ardeche

This dolmen stands far away from the large groups of dolmens concentrated in the south of the Ardèche, the Lozère and the Aveyron. According...

Tiwanaku, megalithic monument in Bolivia

The ancient pre-Columbian city of Tiwanaku (or Tiahuanaco) lies to the south of Lake Titicaca at an altitude of about 4,000 metres. It is...

Pachacamac, a holy city in Peru

Around 20 kilometres from Lima, capital city of Peru, lie the remains of the holy city of Pachacamac. This was a large religious centre...

Ollantaytambo, a unique Inca city in Peru

Seventy kilometres north of Cuzco in Peru lies the archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo, one of the most famous Inca cities. It lies on a...

Tambomachay, the ‘Inca-spa’ near Cuzco in Peru

In the area around the city of Cuzco in Peru there are many archaeological complexes dating from the Inca period. One of these is...

Pisac, an Inca fort high in the mountains of Peru

Modern Pisac is a market town in Peru close to the site of old Pisac, which lies about 4.5 kilometres further up the mountain...

Chan Chan, capital of the Chimu dynasty in Peru

Around 1300 AD the rulers of the Chimu dynasty in today’s Peru chose Chan Chan as the capital of their kingdom. The city already...



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