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Harrie Wolters is algemeen directeur van het Hunebedcentrum.

The Longmen Grottoes in China

This buddhist complex of caves or grottoes lies approximately 15 kilometres south of the Chinese city of Luoyang. Work began at Longmen in the...

Øm Jættestue, an enormous dolmen in Denmark

This is one of the largest dolmens in Denmark and can be found southwest of Roskilde on the island of Seeland. It dates from...

Dolmen at Øm in Roskilde, Denmark

This dolmen is still completely covered by a grassy mound. It consists of a chamber 7 metres long, built from 15 uprights supporting 4...

Valerie Trouet ‘Wat bomen ons vertellen’

Valerie Trouet in podcast HunebedcentrumZe won de Jan-Wolkersprijs, beste Nederlands natuurboek, met haar boek ‘Wat bomen ons vertellen’. Valerie Trouet is professor dendrochronologie aan...

Archaeological open air museum in Lejre, Denmark

This museum, not far from Roskilde, tells the story of 10,000 years of Danish history. The buildings here are life-sized reproductions set in a...

‘Prehistoric’ granaries in Senegal

While travelling in different parts of Senegal (West Africa) I frequently came across grain stores which were very similar to the copies of prehistoric...

Sipan, burial place of Moche rulers

Between the first and eighth century AD the north of Peru, particularly the coastal area, was ruled by the Moche culture. This was long...

Evora in Portugal, a megalithic paradise

Evora, in the Portugese region of Alentejo, is home to an enormous number of megalithic monuments. There are more than 100 free-standing menhirs, over...

Dolmen de Chamvermeil in the Ardeche

There are many dolmens in the Ardeche region of southern France, most of them quite small and difficult to find. Fortunately there are a...

Dolmen des Baumes in the Ardeche

This dolmen stands far away from the large groups of dolmens concentrated in the south of the Ardèche, the Lozère and the Aveyron. According...


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