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Glas – a prehistoric feat of engineering

Gla (or Glas) is a vast 3,300-year-old fortress built on top of a 38-metre high limestone outcrop. The site, north-west of Athens,...

A long-lost civilization in Saudi Arabia

An international team of more than 60 experts is working on a two-year project to survey 3,300 sq km in north-western Saudi Arabia....

Baby feeding in prehistory

One of the most fascinating pieces of Funnel Beaker pottery on display in the Hunebed Centre is a small bowl with a spout, shown...

Human infection from parasites in the Bronze Age

New research published this month (August 2019) in the journal Parasitology shows how the prehistoric inhabitants of a settlement in eastern England were infected by...

The real Neanderthals: sick, injured … and caring

Museum displays about Neanderthals and other prehistoric people should include the sick, old and infirm rather than only showing strong healthy hunters. This is...

When did people first arrive in the Americas?

One of the oldest archaeological sites in the Americas has been discovered in western Idaho, according to a study published in August...

Britain’s Pompeii – the Must Farm Bronze Age settlement

A Bronze Age settlement uncovered at Must Farm quarry near Peterborough in the east of England has been described as "Britain's Pompeii." The site is in a relatively...

World’s oldest boatyard

Recent excavations by the Maritime Archaeological Trust off the coast of the Isle of Wight in the south of England have revealed the world’s...

Bring your own food to the feast!

A study published in 2019 in the American journal Science Advances provides further proof that ancient British monuments such as Stonehenge and Avebury acted as focal...

Hawaiian Petroglyphs

The term ‘prehistory’ usually refers to ancient civilisations such as the Stone Age, but the word really implies ‘a time before written records’. Even...


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