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The bells of Marquis Yi of Zeng

The tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng is an important archaeological site in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China, dating from a time...

A new view of the ‘Lion Man’

The Lion-man (German: Löwenmensch) is a prehistoric ivory figure, 31.1 cm tall. Depicting a man with the head of a lion, it...

Roman Britain for stamp collectors

Royal Mail, the British postal service, has issued a new set of eight postage stamps and postcards featuring important Roman sites and...

Tinkinswood – a capstone weighing 40 tons

The Tinkinswood Burial Chamber in Cardiff, South Wales, boasts one of the largest capstones of any prehistoric tomb in Britain. Measuring 24ft/7m...

The Motya Charioteer

2,500 years ago the tiny island of Motya (or Mozia), just off the south-west coast of Sicily, was an important Phoenician city....

Coronavirus: Cerne Abbas Giant given face mask

One of the most famous of all hillside chalk figures in England has been adorned with a face mask to prevent him...

De echte Neanderthalers: ziek, gewond ….. en zorgzaam

Tentoonstellingen in musea met als onderwerp Neanderthalers of andere prehistorische volkeren zouden ook zieken, ouderen en zwakkeren moeten tonen in plaats van...

Deir el-Medina in Luxor, Egypte

Als ik oude monumenten – van prehistorische graven en tempels tot middeleeuwse kastelen en kathedralen - bezoek of over ze lees, vraag...

Neanderthal buried with flowers

Recent excavations in Kurdish Iraq have uncovered the remains of an ‘articulated’ skeleton - one where the bones are still arranged in...

Ötzi’s last journey

Ötzi is Europe's oldest known human mummy, a man who died around 3,300 BC at the age of 45. His body was...



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